About Us

COVID Anywhere is a Hong Kong-based COVID-19 supplies service provider, supplier and distributor. We provide many pandemic related items such as face masks, hand sanitizers, table partitions and antigen tests.

We believe in delivering the best solutions available, that is why we have gone the extra length to certify our products and manufacturing processes to ensure product reliability and safety. Our team is composed of passionate members from cross-industrial backgrounds to diversify our know-how and network.

But don't take our word for it, just ask any one of our customers and you'll be convinced!

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Certified Quality

Co-Check is manufactured by one of the few certified companies with ISO 13485:2016 compliance in medical device manufacturing and R&D in Hong Kong.

What does this mean to you? Well, it simply means we can consistently meet customer as well as regulatory requirements to manufacture products at the best and most reliable quality.